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Business Loan : Digital Payment in Indian Scenario

Business Loan - Digital Payments

how will i get business loan in mumbai

How will I Get Business Loan In Mumbai : Digital payments in India are undergoing a revolution.Payments infrastructure in India has significantly evolved in the past 12-18 months, with new payments modes and interfaces including UPI, BHIM and Bharat QR Code being introduced to drive digital transactions.

1.As the economy moved to normalization, usage of digital payments dropped, reflecting the customer’s preference for cash.

2. An impact assessment of new interfaces and payments modes introduced in India on broader payments FinTech companies yields an optimistic scenario for Payments focused financing companies in andheri.

3. Moreover, all of these newly introduced instruments, channels, and interfaces do offer a better and    effective payments architecture, but still are mere enablers to the payments business. Payment FinTech companies are creating new use cases for merchants and users, and strengthening their value propositions.

4. However, the recent announcement from the RBI to include wallets in UPI via interoperability, will clear clouds of doubt on the efficacy of their business model. Interoperability will increase competition amongst wallets to retain their customer base (as switching cost for customers decreases), pushing wallets to provide better services and customer experience.

5. It will also drive up transaction volumes, as the same set of customers and merchants need not be remain one of the preferred breakout candidates and in the last one year this segment has definitely outgrown other segments in terms of breaking boundaries for adoption, scaling-up and brand recall.

6.Wallets are likely to add new merchant categories, such as government payments, public transportation, toll, parking and other social payments, and also increase use- cases to increase overall engagement levels with users.

7.Most of the large wallets players are working with NBFCs and banks to offer small value loans to their users.

8.These loans can also be used to effect purchase in case of shortfall in funds in the wallet. By leveraging transaction history and developing spend patterns, wallets are effectively able to generate a proprietary credit scope, which can be used to offer loans by partner banks and NBFCs.

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